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54 - The Origins Of Morality & Evil

April 26, 2021

As we continue through our discussion on Apologetics, we have come to a moment that we all knew would be a great challenge. We have discussed the origins of the universe. We studied deep into the beginning of life and what it takes for the human body to be unique. But what about good and evil? What about morality? Our ability to know what is right or wrong. Is it just a learned behavior or has it been engraved in our hearts? If GOD is so good then why does evil and pain and hurt exist?

Dustin and Jonathan are once again joined by special guest Bobby McAllister (@OldBear45 on Twitter) as they dig into morality and discuss where it originates. That discussion can not be had unless you are willing to discuss evil as well. It's time to Land the Plane. Listen and Subscribe anywhere podcasts are found!

About the Podcast

We are a couple of dads taking on the challenge of parenting, marriage and living the Christian life. Answering questions like “Why is life so hard? Does anyone care? Why am I in this mess?” are all topics we discuss. Hey, raising kids, being married, dealing with co-workers, going to church, and following JESUS is tough – let’s do it together! Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of great community as we try to Land the Plane!

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