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64: Joseph - Family Reunion

May 31, 2022

Joseph's story started with going out with his brothers and being left in a pit. Now, approximately 22 years later, Joseph and his family are reunited. Will Joseph use his position of power to punish his brothers or will he show them mercy, grace and love? The journey that GOD has taken Joseph on is nothing short of miraculous. But the question is, has Joseph really ever gotten out of that "pit" they left him in?

Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey through the life of Joesph. It starts like a popular reality show, but soon turns into a wonderful story full of redemption, grace and love. It's time to Land the Plane! Listen and Subscribe anywhere podcasts are found!

About the Podcast

We are a couple of dads taking on the challenge of parenting, marriage and living the Christian life. Answering questions like “Why is life so hard? Does anyone care? Why am I in this mess?” are all topics we discuss. Hey, raising kids, being married, dealing with co-workers, going to church, and following JESUS is tough – let’s do it together! Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of great community as we try to Land the Plane!

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